Welcome to Scubadivingcuba.com! We invite you to check the various options we offer to explore the incredible Cuban Underwater World. All around Cuba you will find spectacular Diving Spots with abundant marine life, magnificent submarine landscapes populated with all kind of fish, coral reefs, exuberant marine vegetation, walls running toward the dark blue abysm, and much more. You will learn about spectacular caves flooded with salt water and fish living inside it, wrecks consisting of historic ships sank during XIX century battles, military ships and airplanes sank in a natural underwater marine park, and Scuba diving Clubs all around these diving places where a professional and extremely experienced Scuba diving Instructors are waiting to take you into a the Diving expedition of your life. At the Scuba diving resorts of Maria la Gorda and Colony, you will find the perfect combination of Hotel accommodation and Diving expeditions departing from the same hotels where you are lodged. In Santa Lucia beach, you will discover the magnificent Coral reef where hundreds of fish species live and will have the opportunity to participate in a unique underwater experience: The Sharks’ Show, where a scuba diving specialist feeds some Bull Sharks in front of a group of scuba divers forming a circle around him. In Santiago de Cuba you could go diving into pure history, visiting the Spanish Armada ships sank during the battle for the city between the Spanish Crown and the US Army invading force in 1898. Cienfuegos and Playa Giron in the South, will offer you spectacular wall diving, while in the north, you could go to Cayo Levisa and combine the relaxing vacation at a Paradise Key with a breathtaking beach and the rich marine life of its see bottoms. All this and many more scuba diving options wait for you in Cuba....we are ready to provide you with top quality services and book the Scuba Vacations you are looking for...are you ready? Navigate our site and contact us today to book a scuba diving vacation for you! We can build a tailored made package for you, combining several diving resorts and areas, just let us know your idea and based on it, we design the best possible scuba diving itinerary. For your non-divers companion, we will offer activities like snorkeling, seafaries, and beach expeditions as well. Contact us now, don't wait more!


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Combining more then one destination can build the ideal scuba diving expedition for you in Cuba. In just a week, you can stay at some specialized Scuba Diving resorts, while diving in te best scubadiving spots throughout the island. check our proposals below.

Maria la Gorda, Colony, Cayo Largo packs

Havana + Maria la Gorda

Enjoy the art and culture of Havana combined with diving in a well preserved underwater Paradise.

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Havana + Colony

The architecture and culture of colonial Havana, plus the hidden tresures of a former Pirates island.

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Havana + Cayo Largo

Touring Havana one day, and diving a week in a submarine park surrounded by the Caribbean Sea.

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