Havana City Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

Havana is probably the most exciting city in Latin America managing to be both seedy and stylish. The province owes its growth and prosperity to the almost natural perfection of its harbor.

Varadero Beach Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

Varadero, in the western Cuban province of Matanzas, is the beach par excellence in the archipelago, despite strong competition from islets in the Jardines del Rey tourist region.

Trinidad Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

The best-preserved colonial city in Cuba, in the shadow of the Escambray mountains, Trinidad was not even linked by road to the rest of the country until the 1950s.

Cayo Santa Maria Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

To the North of the central portion of Cuba, there is a hidden Paradise. coconuts trees, white sandy not crowded beaches, pristine waters, and magnificient tropical sun. There is also a local airport where intenrnational flights can land. Cayo Santa Maria, the pefect hideaway in the Caribbean.

Santiago de Cuba Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is hot, hilly and exhausting but at the same time seductively languid. Built on a sequence of hills overlooking a large bay with the Sierra Maestra in the background

Cayo Largo Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

Cayo Largo is blessed with an almost continuous stretch of pretty beach, notably along its south coast, there are six beaches all of which will be able to satisfy your sun and sand lust.

Villa Clara Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

Villa Clara has been regarded as one of the most strategically important areas of Cuba. There are some good beaches in the north and the capital of the province, Santa Clara.

Sancti Spiritus Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

Cuba Sancti Spiritus Cuba The settlement of Espiritu Santo-now Sancti Spiritus-is the birthplace of troubadours and one of the Cuban cities where it is easiest to enjoy Nature. It is in the center of the island, near Lake Zaza, important tobacco-growing areas and the mountains.

Baracoa Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

The Town of Baracoa colonial town, one of the first seven villages ( and the first one ) founded by the Spaniards in Cuba.This is the area where Admiral Cristobal Colon disembarked to discover the Americas. Old colonial architecture, traditions ans beautiful nature can be appreciated there.

Cienfuegos Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

Considered the crowning jewel of Cuban architectural in the 19th century, Cienfuegos stands out for the perfect design of its streets and for the refinement and good taste of the buildings in the historic center of the city, which has been declared a national monument.

Pinar del Rio Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

Located just forty-nine miles west of Havana,it owns the Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve. Set amid the forested hills of Las Terrazas, it's difficult to say where the 4-star hotel stops and the forest starts. In short, the Moka is romantic, intimate, and fully deserving of your time.

Holguin Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

Holguin Province is Cuba's fourth largest. The north coast has been a substantial amount of development over the last 10 to 15 years and the beaches of Playa Guardalavaca are now firmly established with foreign tour operators.

Zapata Swamp Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

The Zapata Peninsula, one of the most important ecosystems in Cuba and the largest swamp reserve in the Caribbean, is situated in southern Matanzas. It features exceptional species of flora and fauna, many of which are endemic.

Camaguey Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

The panorama of Camaguey is uniformly flat, broken up only by palm trees, whilst the soil, some of the most fertile in the land, makes it suitable for the growing of sugar cane.

Ciego de Avila Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

It covers an area of 6910 square km (2670 square miles) and has a population of only 500,000, accounting for the lowest population density in the country. Seventy-two percent of its soil is of top quality, and 82 percent of the territory consists of a gently rolling plain. 

Las Tunas Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

Las Tunas province strectches over the imaginary triangle formed by the provinces of Camaguey, Holguin and Granma. Its capital is the homonimous city of Las Tunas, also known as Balcón del Oriente Cubano (the balcony of the Cuban eastern part) and Ciudad de las Esculturas


Granma Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

Gramma Province in southeastern part of Cuba is the heartland of Cuban Independence. The region has shown strong support for rebel and opposition forces from the beginning of recorded Cuban history.

Matanzas Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

For over two centuries, in recognition of its rich cultural life, Matanzas has been known as "Cuba's Athens." For obvious reasons, it is also called "the city of bridges.",

Guantanamo Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

Nuestra Señora de la Asunción de Baracoa, was the name given by Spaniards to the first village founded in Cuba in 1512, next to the Macaguanigua River. The Cruz de la Parra (Parra Cross)is shown to the visitors as a memory from those times.

Jibacoa Beach Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

The Jibacoa tourist resort covers nearly seven miles (around 11 kilometers) of the coast, including Jibacoa and Arroyo Bermejo Beaches. The area is quite striking, with a fascinating seabed and cliffs up to 325 feet (100 meters) high that run parallel to the coast and are covered with lush vegetation.

Cayo Coco Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

Cuba, a tourist attraction par excellence, has expanded its offers beyond its limits by adding unexplored islets and keys for the enjoyment of vacationers.North of the Cuban eastern province of Ciego de Avila is one of the fastest-growing destinations in the Island's tourist sector, the Jardines del Rey (King's Gardens) archipelago.

Cayo Guillermo Hotels. Accommodation in Cuba

In past centuries, corsairs and pirates who plied the waters of the Old Bahamas Channel used to seek refuge here, on the cay's off the northern coast of Ciego de Avila Province. Now, the sound of the waves forms a peaceful backdrop, and there’s nothing more relaxing than watching the sun go down by the shore of the sea