Who we are...

Scubadivingcuba.com is specialized online platform  created by Trading Islands Market Solutions LTD, to promote and sell Scubadiving activities in Cuba, one of the best areas for this nautical sport in the Caribbean. We have signed contracts with all scuba diving suppliers and Diving Clubs in the island, and have developed a good working relation with them throughout the years. We have been a specialized travel agency for 15 years, operating with Cuba as our main destination. Must of our staff is composed by Cuban nationals, some living abroad...some still in our homeland. On top of that, most of us are certified scuba divers who have dived in all Cuban diving spots and know the sea-beds quite well.  Also, within our staff you would find former specialists who work years ago with the main scuba diving clubs or nautical companies that provide  foreign visitors with all the required services in this field. We know the product first hand, as we have been scuba diving customers and providers at the same time for many years. In our site, you will find general information on the best diving spots around Cuba, as well as specific Scubadiving packages combining different services and destinations inside the island. But these are just sample scuba diving programs, you can design your own package by letting us know your preferences. We will produce a tailored travel package for you with accommodation, transfers, tours, excursions and diving. If you are a free spirit traveler, we can arrange for you to rent a car and move at your own pace. And for more independence, we have enter a partnership with Divitours, a specialist on Campers Expeditions now operating fully equipped Motor-homes as part of local diving circuits with no need of boats ( you launch the scuba diving expeditions from the shores, and overnight in Campers bases to continue the next day ).  So we are and have been ready for this life time experience....Are You?  Just contact us by email or phone, and let's discuss your next Scuba diving vacation in the Caribbean. Groups are welcome and even preferred, for we can apply discounts when you have more than six travelers. Contact us Today!



Our Team


Alberto Barrientos


3 stars CMAS Scuba Diver

Sergio Ameneiro

Local Operations Manager

2 stars ACUC Scubadiver

Oscar Rojas

Associate - Partner Divitour

1 star SSI Scubadiver

Carmen D Cruz

Administration & Accounting