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Cuba has a privileged geographical position at the entrance of the Gulf of Mexico, a location which makes of this island a prime destination for tourists visiting the Caribbean. It is the largest island in the region, with a very rich history, culture and exuberant nature both in land and underwater.  Recent construction of several marinas has enlarged the capacity for nautical sports in the country, and with that, the Scubadiving as well. With a Narrow and elongated figure, Cuban coasts are immersed in the warm Caribbean waters, so its insular shelf is rich in diversity of marine species. Due to its history and the fact that in colonial times the Spanish Crown fleets gathered here, bringing the Gold from the New World ( South and Central America ) to form convoys and sail to Europe in a safer way, lot if wreckages can be found in the island waters.  

In the Cuban insular shelf stand approximately 3400 km of coral front, for an underwater belt, emerge in many places to create corals called peak or 'seamounts' true privileges for scuba divers. Scubadiving centers are located strategically in the most interesting nature areas.




Hotel “Colony” & associated Diving Centre.


Coordinates: Lat. 21° 36'N., Long. 82°57 W

The Puertosol El Colony International Scuba-Diving Center is on the Isia de la Juventud, Southwest of the Cuban mainland, 46 kilometers (29 miles) from Nueva Gerona, capital of that island municipality. Its enchantment steins both from its history -which is filled with legends of buried treasures- and from its beautiful sea beds.

The Siguanea Marina can fit you out for scuba diving in renowned sea depths, which many specialists consider one of the best in the world for scuba-diving. Tunnels, passages, grottoes, deep channels and underwater valleys form an incomparable submarine seascape inhabited by a great diversity of species.

Scuba-diving courses at all levels are offered, with internationally recognized certificates. An international underwater photography contest, Photosub, is held at this marina each year, upon clients’ request, with different specialties and prizes.

Punta Frances , a reserve of the biosphere, is near the Puertosol El Colony International Scuba-Diving Center. Its picturesque beaches are perfect, both for water sports and for simply enjoying Nature. Moreover, it is a special stopping-place for cruise ships.

 The Hotel Colony:


  Hotel with 77 air-conditioned rooms.

·         Restaurant

·         Aqua bar

·         Shop

·         Swimming pool

·         Cabaret & Night entertainment.

·         Local airport 2 Kilometers from the hotel, for small to medium range planes.

·         Associated Scuba Diving Centre with daily dive operations to 56 scuba-diving sites.

·         Hyperbaric chamber

·         Underwater medical services.

·         Nature excursions and tours available, including city tour in Nueva Gerona city.

 Marina services


* 15 moorings.

*Fuel, water and electricity.


*Maintenance and minor repairs.


Maria La Gorda Scuba Diving center General Information.


María la Gorda” Hotel & associated Diving Centre.

In a natural paradise filled with myths and legends of pirate ships and Spanish galleons sunk along its coasts you will find the Hotel Puertosol María la Gorda and its related International Diving Centre. The natural wealth and others deposited there are only but a part of its treasures. ! Give yourself a special gift by exploring this beautiful, silent world.!

The Puertosol Maria La Gorda International Scuba-Diving Center is on the Southern coast of the most Western tip of the Cuban archipelago, at Corrientes Cape on the Guanahacabibes Peninsula, Pinar del Rio Province, 300 kilometers (186 miles) from Havana .

UNESCO has declared the area to be a reserve of the biosphere. The fantastic scenery and the seabed- rich in marine species, with coral reefs of impressive beauty- make this an ideal place for both scuba-diving and eco tourism.

The Black Corals Valley, with coral walls more than 100 meters long and The Salon de Maria, a cave I5 meters deep with plumule cored, are musts adjoining areas where the concentration of fishes during the migratory seasons are truly impressive.

The Puertosol Maria La Gorda International Scuba-Diving Center is also an excellent place to drop anchor for all yachtsmen coming from the Yucatan Channel, the Gulf of Mexico and the Western Caribbean.


 The hotel:

·         Lodging in Villa Maria La Gorda (34 . air-conditioned rooms, independent bath rooms, hot water, Cable TV and mini-bar )

·         Restaurant, shop and bar).

·         Nature Excursions available

·         Car rental point.

·         Daily Diving Excursions available and Scuba Diving Courses.

·         Possibilities for snorkeling, going on excursions and taking underwater pictures. Hiking

The Marina and Diving Centre: Coordinates: Lat. 21° 49'N., Long. S4"29.SW

30 special scuba - diving sites. Scuba-diving courses at all levels, with international certification.

·         Marina services

·         Anchorages.

·         Fuel and water.

·         Catering.

·         Immigration procedures for yacht men.

·         International communications.






Operator: Cubanacan
Teaching: ACUC, SSI, CMAS
Ships: 2 boats, for 8 and 20 divers
Tanks: Steel of 12 liters and 15 liters Courses: Open Water Instructor and Open Water
Oxygen equipment: Yes
nearest hospitals: Naval Hospital "Dr. Luis Díaz Soto "Hospital 150 Km and CIMEQ
Immersion Points: 23 points
Dive area: Cayo Levisa belongs to the archipelago of Los Colorados, which crowns the north coast of the province of Pinar del Rio, the westernmost province of Cuba. Their dive sites are north. The coral reef is located northwest of the key shows high values ​​varied sessile fauna and fish that inhabit it, the range of shapes and colors, and its excellent state of preservation are impressive. Coral formations abound massive star, brain coral, hillocks of coral, sea fans, feathery sea fans, tube sponges, ramosas fluffy, and tropical fish such as parrots, barbers, black sea bream and grouper. There is also the presence of wrecks of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, all accessible and archaeological interest.

Recommended immersion points: The Mysterious Chain, The Arch of Ludovico, Hell, The Crown of San Carlos, La Poza Shark, Cutting Pirate, Paradise Lost, The Valley of Sponges, La Cueva de Lorenzo and La little Grotto.

Zapata Swamp

Operator: Cubanacan
Didactics: SSI
Ships: The dive is done from shore
Tanks: Steel 12 liters
Courses: Open Water Instructor and Open Water
Oxygen equipment: Yes
nearest hospitals: Clinical-Surgical Hospital "Julio Aristegui" 127 km and 162 km Naval Hospital
Immersion points: 14
Dive area: The open water diving in cenotes and brackish water flooded caves cave-system linked to the Zapata Swamp and multilevel diving constitute the uniqueness of this area. Dives are made directly from the coast, where immediately elkhorn corals, brain, sea fans appear; corals leaf, stars, columns, bridal bouquets and tube sponges in the company of many schools of multicolored fish and crabs. an abrupt wall, which are attached sponges, gorgonians and corals large: to get to the other major veril distinctive appeal appears.
Recommended immersion points: Punta Perdiz 1 and 2, El Tanque, El Cenote, El Brinco 1 and 2, La Cueva de los Peces and ebony, 35th Anniversary, Casimba Dagmar and Casimba Ilona.


Operator: Cubanacan
Didactics: SSI
Ships: The dive is done from shore
Tanks: Steel 12 liters
Courses: Open Water Instructor and Open Water
Oxygen equipment: Yes
nearest hospitals: Clinical-Surgical Hospital "Julio Aristegui"
127 km and 162 km Naval Hospital
Immersion points: 19 points
Dive area: This area is also located immersion Bay of Pigs, Zapata Peninsula. Being in the same region, it has properties similar to those of Larga and Playa Giron features.
Its special charm is due to the large colonies of different types of coral, where the abundant black coral is counted; variety of sponges with yellow or violet orange, shaped barrel, tubular, basket and drinks. Similarly, a diverse marine flora, large sea fans and abundant tropical fish can be seen. But the real uniqueness of Caleta Buena are the wrecks also the practice of cave diving in cenotes and flooded caves, vertical up to 40 meters.
Recommended immersion points: The Crown of Maceo, The Canyons, El Cabezo-Caleta Buena, El Alto de las Pailas
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Description snorkeling area: This point is located in the Bay of Pigs, about 100m from the restaurant Punta Perdiz. You can reach it easily through a small beach and a pier Alejo popularly known as El Moro.
It consists of tunnels and walls that descend stepwise. It has an extensive Arenazo full of small coral formations that can be seen at a depth of 2 meters and extend to the edge of the slope.
In this place of great beauty, abundant different species of corals, sea fans, sponges, large fish and schools of colorful tropical fish. Due to its characteristics, this dive is one of the most important and popular attractions Zapata Swamp.
North point, along the coral ridge 6 meters deep slope, is a wreck small size is of great appeal to have impregnated underwater life. The incursion by its small engine room and the cellar is very popular.

The CIB Punta Perdiz has new and modern technology Cressi brand.
Deputy CIB runs a visitor center that offers computing facilities for specialized activities. The Centre also has a shop offering souvenirs and accessories diving and sport fishing.
 A restaurant, very attractive because of its design that simulates a ship, offers services as a buffet and open bar.
Nearest hyperbaric chamber: Cárdenas Hospital, 135 kilometers (84 miles) and the Naval Hospital in Havana, 204 km (127 miles)



Operator: Cubanacan
Teaching: ACUC
Boats: Boats Yamaha
Courses: Instructor and Open Water
Oxygen equipment: Yes
nearest hospitals: Military Hospital "Joaquín Castillo Duany" 320 km
Immersion points: 12
Dive area: Presence of black coral, elkhorn, brain, leaves, stars, sea fans, tropical fish dogfish, saws, groupers, snappers, snappers, trumpet fish, barracudas, and others.
Recommended dive sites: La Punta, La Cueva Chiquita, El Puente, Los Perros, Aquarius and Covarrubias.
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ALBACORA Marea del Portillo

Operator: Cubanacan
Teaching: ACUC, SSI
Boats: Boats Yamaha
Tanks: Steel 12 and 15 liters
Courses: Open Water and Open Water Instructor
Oxygen equipment: Yes
nearest hospitals: Military Hospital "Joaquín Castillo Duany" and Naval Hospital "Dr. Luis Díaz Soto "162 km
Immersion points: 17
Dive area: Part of the National Park reaches a wide area diving -from Cabo Cruz to Rio Maceo with a coral reef in the state of virginity. All points have in common a varied presence of different species of tropical fish, huge sponges, colonies of black coral, elkhorn corals, brain, leaves, stars, sea fans and gorgonians. The greatest treasure, considered National Heritage constituent wrecks, Spanish galleons and British schooners sunk during the XVII and XIX belonging to the famous fleet of Admiral Cervera centuries.